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A Sustainable Future (ASF) offers small research grants for faculty of the Amsterdam School of Economics and the Amsterdam Business School, with two calls per year.

Funding may be directed at:

  • the purchase or gathering of data (specific policy applies);
  • hiring research assistants (RA rate standardized: 55 Euro per hour gross, hired via Studijob, and including UvA overhead);
  • organizing conferences, workshops, or similar outreach activities;
  • travels, including conferences and visiting (specific policy applies).

ASF grant holders are expected to participate in ASF activities (including seminars and outreach events) and present their research.

The ASF grant budget cannot be transferred to other institutions and can be used only if the Principal Investigator is affiliated with the EB faculty.

  • Specific policy concerning applications for a research visit, conference travel

    In the case of applications for a research visit, conference travel, the applicant needs to provide a clear explanation of the reasons and impact of the visit (e.g., field experiment, dissemination). Also, the provision of a motivation for requesting budget beyond the individual research budget is a weighing factor.

    For the request of budget for conference participation, please note that - at the time of the ASF grant proposal - the applicant needs to be on the conference/workshop program with the paper/panel/paper specified in the grant proposal.

  • Specific policy concerning applications for the purchase of secondary data

    In the case of budget requests for the purchase of secondary data (license or database), ASF will cover up to a maximum of 50% of the costs, conditional on the requirement that the section of the applicant (and/or another external party) covers the remainder of the costs. The database should be available to all EB researchers (not eligible for CBS data).

  • Tips for writing an ASF grant application

    Upon submitting the proposal, the applicant should:

    • describe clearly the connection of the research project or outreach event to the SDG framework;
    • outline the theoretical novelty/potential contribution of the proposed research;
    • provide specific details about the methodology (e.g., experimental design, identification);
    • write in a concise, clear, and coherent style;
    • look for collaboration with someone from the other school (if applicable);
    • be very specific about how they would like to spend the requested fund, by also including a detailed description of the costs involved.